Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Beinn Bhreac - a long and winding road!

The beginning of May saw us back on the bikes again to tackle this isolated Corbett at the headwaters of the Tarf Water.
Our cycle from Calvine to Bruar Lodge was hampered a little by strong winds and some piercing rain showers, but we made it in one piece and, after a snack by the Lodge, we headed off towards our hill.
A good stalkers path climbs up the side of the Allt Beinn Losgarnaich and on to the featureless, rough and boggy ground which must be covered to reach this Corbett.
Fortunately it was not so wet underfoot, but sadly the mist closed in as we reached the summit, and an icy wind forced us to retreat hastily and find a more sheltered spot for lunch further down the slope.
The bikes were a real asset on the way back down the glen, and we made good time though we were slowed slightly by a young canine companion who insisted on following us for near 15km - nothing deterred him!
It was a long trek for a small dog, and many thanks to Susan at Calvine who took him in till his owners could collect him.
One more Corbett to go Kay!!

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