Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Island hopping, part 2

Then followed a trip to the Small Isles, once again in glorious weather! First to Eigg where the group stayed at the wonderful Glebe Barn. We seemed to cover most of this small island on the first day, from the landmark Sgurr of Eigg to the cliffs in the north and the white sands looking over to Rum. We took a boat for a brief visit to Muck and were entertained by dolphins, minke whales and the sight of the Manx Sheerwaters rafting on the still waters.
Rum is very special and our good weather continued, allowing us some wonderfu,l days exploring the Rum Cuillin, Bloodstone Hill in the north, and the area around Kilmory, famous for its red deer project.
These Small Isles are truly beguiling.

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